Idiot’s Delight

Idiot’s Delight, another name for the game of solitaire, is about commercial imagery and the desire that it inspires. In juxtaposing the still life genre alongside plastic action figures, the photographs blend historical painting with digital media. Through the enhancement of color, surface, and space, each image depicts a hyperbolic fantasy that signals overt sexuality. At the same time, the idealization of this subject matter is largely estranged from the very sensual world it references. Ultimately the pictures reflect upon erotic isolation in an age when pornography of all kinds is so readily available as a simulation for the senses of sight, touch, and taste.

As Handsome Does, 2012

Idiot's Delight, 2012

Come to Call, 2012

Yearn, 2012

Greater Than, 2012

All Falls Down, 2012

Exceed, 2012

Heavy is the Head, 2012

A Pause, A Sigh, 2012