The Anxiety of Influence

This body of work reflects upon on how visual culture has immense power to inform expectations of lived experiences. Citing the styles of queer photographers of the past while also departing from them, this body of work was an exercise in identifying a given artistic lineage and trying to understand my place in the context of that lineage.

In the images of figurative statuary and human figures, I was interested how monochromatic images blur the boundaries between flesh and stone. This strategy also emphasized a question in my mind during the making of this work: where do my artistic forebears end and where do I begin? Where do cultural ideals about the subject of body come from, and how have they informed my own embodiment, and how I represent that embodiment?

Both Alike, 2012

Proximity, 2013

No One is There, 2013

Gentle Folds, 2014

Broken Torso , 2012

Still Life with Ladder, 2012

Bust in Profile , 2012

The Kiss, 2014

Broken; Spent, 2014

Mask in the Closet, 2014